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Virgin Mary NecklaceVirgin Mary Necklace
Virgin Mary Necklace Sale price$29.00
Tennis Chain Butterfly NecklaceTennis Chain Butterfly Necklace
Tennis Chain Butterfly Necklace Sale priceFrom $69.00
Rich Tennis NecklaceRich Tennis Necklace
Rich Tennis Necklace Sale price$68.00
Majestic Necklace 18 InchMajestic Necklace 18 Inch
Majestic Necklace 18 Inch Sale price$49.00
Save $7.00
Initial Tennis NecklaceInitial Tennis Necklace
Initial Tennis Necklace Sale price$49.00 Regular price$56.00
Icy Heart NecklaceIcy Heart Necklace
Icy Heart Necklace Sale price$29.00
Icy Cuban Link Name NecklaceIcy Cuban Link Name Necklace
Icy Cuban Link Name Necklace Sale priceFrom $109.00
Hope NecklaceHope Necklace
Hope Necklace Sale price$26.00
Emerald Cut NecklaceEmerald Cut Necklace
Emerald Cut Necklace Sale priceFrom $89.00
Diamante Bear NecklaceDiamante Bear Necklace
Diamante Bear Necklace Sale price$48.00
Classy Initial NecklaceClassy Initial Necklace
Classy Initial Necklace Sale price$38.00
Butterfly Cuban Link NecklaceButterfly Cuban Link Necklace
Baguette NecklaceBaguette Necklace
Baguette Necklace Sale priceFrom $129.00
Square Tennis Chain Name NecklaceSquare Tennis Chain Name Necklace
Square Tennis Chain Name Necklace Sale priceFrom $149.00
Rose Gold Cuban Link Butterfly NecklaceRose Gold Cuban Link Butterfly Necklace
Mini Icy Cuban Link ChainMini Icy Cuban Link Chain
Mini Icy Cuban Link Chain Sale priceFrom $64.00
Heart Tennis NecklaceHeart Tennis Necklace
Heart Tennis Necklace Sale price$86.00
G-Link Baguette Name NecklaceG-Link Baguette Name Necklace
Fly With me NecklaceFly With me Necklace
Fly With me Necklace Sale price$26.00
Save $10.00
Custom Heart Tennis Initial NecklaceCustom Heart Tennis Initial Necklace
Custom Heart Tennis Initial Necklace Sale price$109.00 Regular price$119.00
Cuban Link Butterfly Name NecklaceCuban Link Butterfly Name Necklace
Cuban Link Butterfly Name Necklace Sale priceFrom $169.00
Baby Buddha NecklaceBaby Buddha Necklace
Baby Buddha Necklace Sale price$49.00