Brand story

HELLOLIFEYOO was created in October 2017. The founder Lydia After graduation, she tried many jobs, such as TV director, designer, brand advertising planning, interior design, all related to art. Over the years, she has changed many different professions. The constant is her love for manicures. She spends about $3,000 a year on manicures. No matter how busy she is, she will book a nail salon to get her nails done on time, because she feels that a sophisticated modern woman, nails are Her graceful expression.

Slowly he got married and had a child of his own, and time was even tighter. At the same time she had a lot of problems at the nail salon. For example, a familiar manicurist doesn't have time when she has time. During the holidays, you need to wait two to three hours before you can get a manicure done. What's more annoying is that when she excitedly took a picture of a manicure and said to the manicurist, I want to make this look, the manicurist said it's okay, you can rest assured, but the result made him very disappointed. ! It takes time and money to get the results you want.

 In 2017, she opened the HELLOLIFEYOO brick-and-mortar store. She is very popular in the local nail shop because there is a group of professional manicurists who love nails very much. These manicurists know how to design nails, color matching, professional manicures and have very rich experience.

In 2020, the epidemic swept the world. His nail salon was also hit hard. She wanted me to provide better service for my customers, so she made the nails wearable and sent them to the customers, and told the customers what to do. How to wear and use, and how to remove. He not only saves time but also saves half of the money for customers. The guests responded well to these and thought the idea was a great idea. This is how HELLOLIFEYOO brand was born.

We specialize in hand-wearing nails. Each pair of nails is handmade by experienced manicurists. The pure hand-made press on nails is very different from the factory-made nails. The materials we use are very environmentally friendly and healthy, just like the ones you use in the salon, and we can use the nail design more flexibly to make the nails more elegant, Beautiful.

The founder of Lydia believes that women are very worthy of respect, they are the most beautiful and moving women in the world, they are tough, strong and beautiful. Now a mom, she feels it is very important for women to be financially independent, in order to help all women gain confidence and respect. HELLOLIFEYOO is willing to help every positive woman. It is very difficult for modern women to start a business. You need all kinds of skills. It doesn't matter if you don't know how to draw nails at HELLOLIFEYOO, and it doesn't matter if you don't know how to do business marketing. We have a stable supply of supplies and business guidance. If you want to make money through HELLOLIFEYOO nails, it's great, please tell us, we will provide you with products and a complete set of sales plans, welcome to inquire.

HELLOLIFEYOO is committed to making women more relaxed, beautiful and confident,love you all Babe.